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You’ve touched the world of the modern innovative technologies.

The “smart” DNA-RNA Complex has one more amazing property – the more your skin needs it - the more powerful is its restorative influence, regardless of the fact if your skin needs rejuvenation or correction of the problem areas. Sometimes you may feel a little tingle in some specific area after the application of the product, don’t worry: DNA-RNA Complex began its work in a problem area you never knew.
In the meantime, INIZIO Anti-Aging and Revitalising creams or serums and most of them. Advanced Skin Defence almost immediately cease or easy the pain and consequences of sun-burns, any micro-injuries of your skin in the form of burn, bite of insect, after the processing of around-ungula zone of your fingers and toes.





Basic active ingredient: DNA-RNA Complex

increases a local immunity of the skin up to the normal level, stimulates metabolism of epithelium cells, possesses a reparative and rejuvenation property on ageing skin and also corrective (regenerative) action on the cells of skin problem areas.

For Universal Protection
Advanced Skin Defence  
The light emulsion stimulates a local immunity of the skin, possesses an intensive moistening and antioxidant effects, is an irreplaceable skincare product for the sensitive, easily irritating skin and also during intensive burden on normal skin connected to the change of outer conditions (high, low temperatures, smog, office equipment radiation, low humidity of air in premises, readjustment of the skin during the travel). The cream easily releases the reddening and inflammation of the skin, smoothes, relieves the tension and tightening feeling, almost instantly relieves unpleasant feeling and pain from micro-injuries, bites of insects, sun and thermal burns, fundamentally speeds up the healing of the skin in injured area

In the morning apply the cream on clean skin of the face, neck and other affected areas lightly massaging up to the full absorption. You may apply the cream during the day as may be necessary. In the evening in case of prolongation of extreme conditions it is recommended to repeat the application for the strengthening of the effect.
Put on the any other problem zone when you feel discomfort and relief.

Recommended for all types of skin from the age of 25.

Contains aloe vera extract, avocado and jojoba oils, carrot seeds extract, provitamin B5, vitamin E and green tea extract.