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What is DNA?

DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid. Basically, this is an organic molecule found in the nucleus of all cells that carries a complete set of genetic information about the organism. Everything that we are, from our height to eye colour and skin are encoded in our individual DNA.

What is RNA?

RNA (short for ribonucleic acid) is essentially the mirror reflection of DNA. It's the natural matrix with which DNA is copied during the division of a live cell. In other words, it complements the body's DNA by helping safe and healthy reproduction of skin cells.

Why do you describe INIZIO products as 'active intelligent'?

Because that's exactly what they are. They as it were seek out the skin's problems areas and immediately operate on an extra-cellular level, boosting defences and strengthening weak skin from within. So, for example, oily T-Zones are quickly identified and contained. All using one product, you don't need one product for the face and another for the T-Zone.

INIZIO products work for all age groups?

Yes. Our cleanser, toner and whitening range work for all age groups. However, because more mature skin needs that little bit of extra care and attention, we've developed a moisturising range that's more suitable for those aged 30 years and over.

Is INIZIO suitable for sensitive skins?

The formulas we use are not likely to cause an allergic (hypoallergenic) reaction nor blackheads or whiteheads (non-comedogenic). Please ask our consultants in-store for assistance if you require a sensitivity test.

Are INIZIO products sun-safe?

Yes. The Revitalising Cream SPF +15 and the Anti-Ageing Cream SPF +15 incorporate SPF +15 emollients that provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. For full protection, be sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat or use an umbrella especially between 11am and 3pm when the sun's rays are most intense.

How does the DNA work on the cellular level?

To understand this mechanism the research work has been undertaken of the biologic activity of the preparation DNA-RNA Complex in human epidermal cell cultures. The overall conclusion was reached that DNA-RNA Complex has a marked impact on the functional activity of human epidermal cells. It increased the proliferate activity of keratinocytes and Langerhans-cells and enhanced protein and DNA syntheses in these cells. The recorded stimulatory effect of DNA-RNA Complex on immune competent cells of human skin indicates that it stimulates the immune system as a whole.

What role plays the high immune status of the skin for mature and old people?

Healthy skin – this is one of the main conditions of a healthy old age. This rule is well-known to the gerontologists, observing long-livers - group of people with the years more than 90 years. The immune system of them has usually the balanced steady parameters, and the skin as a rule is in an ideal condition. Gerontologists name such people "the immune elite ".

How can the DNA of a sturgeon be compatible with that of a human being?

The sturgeon is a biological individual which branch of evolution was divided with human more then 400 million years ago. For this reason DNA of the sturgeon cannot be compatible with that of a human being. Being expressed more scientifically, probability of full concurrence of casual sequence of the nucleotides in DNA chains of the sturgeon which we use and DNA of the person on many orders less, than probability of hit from the first attempt a coin thrown from roof of the Capital Building in Singapore City directly in your purse laying at the bottom of a pocket. By the way this factor is one of the main by consideration of a safety issue of application modified DNA in cosmetics or medicine.

How does the DNA repair skin cells? Why the skin looks younger after application of cosmetics with DNA?

DNA-RNA Complex put on the skin in structure of cosmetics product, "includes" two main processes at a cellular level. The first is more important for mature skin - acceleration of the skin cells metabolism that leads through certain time to appreciable rejuvenation of the superficial skin layer.

As it’s known new cells of our skin ripened in a deep layer of the epithelium and then move on a surface where they are gradually transformed in horn elements, covering an external layer of the epithelium. Speed of maturing of new cells on replacement of the old ones, and also speed of their movement on a surface of the epithelium depends basically on intensity of a metabolism of the skin cells. Intensity of the metabolism of cells is slowed down with increase of the age. For example the intensity of the metabolism of cells of the 20-years woman is higher in 2-3 times than at the woman 50 years old. Therefore replacement of superficial layers of cells on new at the elderly person occurs much more slowly than at young that leads to occurrence of appreciable age defects of the skin. As researches have shown the influence of DNA-RNA Complex (which contains in formulas of INIZIO Skin Care) on the skin cells increases intensity of a metabolism in 2-2.5 times, i.e. speaking by the other words intensity of a metabolism in the old skin becomes comparable with intensity of a metabolism of a young skin after influence of products INIZIO. As long as the process of movement of the new ripened cells on a surface of the epithelium in young skin comes to the end usually within 2-3 weeks, the application of INIZIO Skin Care during at least such period is necessary for full updating of the superficial layer of the epithelium by the cells with the raised metabolism. Only in this case it is possible to expect seen steady effect of the appreciable rejuvenation of the skin.

  The second is more important for young attractive looks skin – positive influence on immune competent cells of the skin that raises the immune protection of the skin against environment factors as UV radiation, pollutions, air conditioning in office and e. t. c. It is necessary to note, that there are INIZIO Skin Care formulations especially created for young skin.

How is the DNA extracted?

DNA-RNA Complex is obtained from the reproduction cells (milt) of sturgeons by the complex process comprising the processes of homogenizing the sturgeon milt in the certain conditions, multi stage separating, reaction, washing and purification with intermediate concentration and final recovering a refined bioactive material as the DNA-RNA Complex.

What is patented?

The technology of obtaining of DNA-RNA Complex and method of using this substance in cosmetics and medicine products are patented in Singapore, EU, United States of America, Japan, Malaysia, Russian Federation. Now we are in process of expansion of this patents on other countries of Asia Pacific.

What kind of clinical/lab tests have been done to prove the safety of the DNA and where were these tests done? What kind of tests was done to prove the effectiveness of the DNA?

All research made by order and under the financing and supervising of A. Asafov, President, Science & Production Enterprise “PHARMEC” Pte. Ltd. with participation of LIR laboratory of innovative research, Switzerland (1990-2005).

a). Testing the DNA-RNA Complex for Safety with Special Reference to Mutagenicity/Carcinogenicity

Carried out by Science and Research Institute of Preventive Toxicology and Disinfection, 1991.

Approved by M.G. Shandala, professor, Ph.D, M.D., Director of Institute

b). Studies on the General Toxicity of DNA-RNA Complex

Carried out by Science and Research Institute for Experimental Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors, Cancer Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 1993.

Approved by A.B. Syrkin, professor, Ph.D., M.D., Director of Institute.

c). Experimental and Clinical Trials of DNA-RNA Complex to Validate Its Safe Level of Incorporation into Cosmetics

Carried out by Science and Research Institute of Occupational Medicine, 1995.

Approved by N.F. Izmerov, professor, Ph. D, M.D., Director of the Institute

d). Pharmacokinetic studies of DNA-RNA Complex bioavailability following subcutaneous, intramuscular and rectal administration

Carried out in 1993 by Science and Research Institute for Experimental Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors in collaboration with the Chair of Radiation Chemistry, Moscow State University and with the Science and Research Institute of Physicochemical Biology carried out preclinical pharmacokinetic studies of DNA-RNA Complex after developing special procedures for the production and purification 3H-DNA-RNA.

e). Study of the Bioavailability of DNA-RNA Complex after application to the skin

Carried out in 1994 by by Science and Research Institute for Experimental Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors in collaboration with the Chair of Radiation Chemistry, Moscow State University and with the Science and Research Institute of Physicochemical Biology.

Approved by A.B. Syrkin, professor, Ph.D., M.D., Director of Institute.

f). Testing of DNA-RNA Complex cytotoxicity and antiviral activity.

Carried out by The Scientific & Research Institute of Virology, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,1995-1999.

Approved by D.K. Lvov, Ph.D., Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Institute.

g). The study of the biological activity of DNA-RNA Complex in human epidermal cell cultures.

Carried out by KOSMETOLOGIYA Scientific & Practical Company, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 1999.

Approved by M.F. Pisarenko, Ph. D., Director General,and E.K. Kovanova,Ph.D., Chief, Group for Expert

Examination of Cosmetic Products, Kosmetologiya Company.

h). Clinical trial of Cream and Gel with DNA-RNA Complex.

Carried out by Schrader Institute, Germany, 1999

How does the DNA work such that there is no necessity to differentiate between male or female and normal/oily/dry skin?

For the mechanism of action written above no difference is it male or female skin sell. Also this mechanism guaranteed the bright positive effect for the different types of the skin normal/oily and dry, but we are working with creation of more wide spectrum of products especially for differentiate between normal/oily and dry skin. It will be our next steps for most comfort of our customers.

What kind of ingredients do you use in your product? 

We used modern most safety ingredients approved by CTFA. We would like to note that besides the DNA-RNA Complex the principal sign of INIZIO Skin Care is the using of big number of unique plant extracts like carrot seed extract for example. All ingredients are imported from overseas and bought from most famous and tried suppliers.

How fast is the recovery rate for problem skin/blemishes?

Usually appreciable reduction of the wrinkles depth on 20-25 % is observed in 2-3 weeks after the beginning of daily use INIZIOat least twice at day. Just for such time in most cases there is a full replacement of a superficial layer of cells of the skin by younger. However steady positive change of humidity and elasticity of the skin occurs practically right after drawings INIZIO. It would be desirable to note once again, that INIZIO works at a cellular level and influences positively on the local immunity of the skin that allows to raise sharply its resistibility to negative factors of an environment.

Who did the formulation of the product? 

Some experts from the different countries worked and continue to work with creating of the formulations of INIZIO products. This works are carried out under the supervision of LIR Laboratory of Innovative Research, Switzerland as only this company owns by the full volume of knowledge of application DNA-RNA Complex in cosmetics and medicine.

What kind of tests have you done to ensure that your product is suitable for all skin types?

Clinical tests were carried out in Russia and Germany some times on groups of women - volunteers of 20-25 person of different age from 20 till 65 years and with different types of a skin. At all participants the bright positive effect was observed and absence of any allergy or negative side-effects was marked. LIR Laboratory of Innovative Research plans significant expansion of such tests.

Why only the DNA from sturgeon and not other fishes?

The idea to apply DNA-RNA Complex has come from our medical practice. Before we have carried out extensive tests of substance DNA-RNA Complex received from sturgeon milt on safety and have received convincing guarantees. Therefore naturally the first check on use as a component for cosmetics was passed with a substance received from the milt of sturgeon. However it does not mean that we did not make attempt to try and other kinds of raw material. However in comparative tests DNA-RNA Complex from the milt of sturgeon showed always the best results.

What kind of sturgeon do you use and from what area?

We use the Caspian Sea area sturgeon’s fish (sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, beluga) now.

Which part of the fish is used? What happens to the other parts of the fish once you’ve extracted what you want? Is there wastage? Is the meat of sturgeon eaten?

We use the milt for harvesting of DNA-RNA Complex. Sturgeons fishes are one of the most rare and expensive delicacies in the world. The well-known black caviar and a fish itself are used in a food industry. Milt of sturgeons up to us was not used and went in waste products or at the best case on a meal for animals.

The sturgeon is on the brink of extinction due to over-fishing? What are you doing towards the conservation of this fish since it is such an integral part of your business?  What will happen if the sturgeon becomes extinct or if there’s a ban on the fishing of sturgeons until the recovery of their population?

This is true information that wild sturgeons harvesting is under the strong control of Government of countries participated. Also it’s very popular the breeding of sturgeon’s now and I think it’s the best way for save of population.