To Maintain Skin Texture
To Improve Skin Texture
To Lighten Or Even Out Skin Tone (Launching Soon)
Advanced Skin Defence for intense hydration
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Fresh wave for your skin

This is the basic step owing to which you can make your skin clean and fresh to the maximum, and which allow your skin to optimize the action of special active components from intensive rejuvenation lines.




Basic active ingredient: DNA-RNA Complex

increases a local immunity of the skin up to the normal level, stimulates metabolism of epithelium cells, possesses a reparative and rejuvenation property on ageing skin and also corrective (regenerative) action on the cells of skin problem areas.

To Cleanse And Tone
Gentle Cleanser
A smooth and delicate cleanser, easy to apply. The product easily and delicately cleans around-eyes area, the skin of face, neck, may be used as any make-up removal remedy. Does not change a natural hydro-lipidic skin balance, supports normal local immunity, degree of moistening, possesses a peeling effect, relieves the tension of the skin, making it clean and fresh.

In the morning and evening apply the necessary amount of cleanser on skin, lightly massaging along the cosmetic lines, then remove with the help of cotton pads or rinse with warm water.

Recommended for all types of skin from the age of 25.

Contains aloe vera extract and peppermint extract

Toner completes the procedure of purification, regulates the water-oil balance, possesses an antioxidant and antiphlogistic properties, tones up and increases the elasticity of the skin, gently stimulates
local immunity and a surface micro-circulation, prepares the skin for the further application of intensive skincare products.

After cleaning of the skin with the help of gentle cleanser apply the toner on face and neck with the help of cotton pads.

Recommended for all types of skin from the age of 25.

Contains aloe vera extract, peppermint extract, carrot seeds extract, provitamin B5 and green tea extract.