It's incredible to think that a fish better known for its eggs would hold the secret key to revolutionary skin care.

The story begins in the 1990s in what was then the Soviet Union. Dr. Alexander Asafov, an eminent scientist, headed an elite team of researchers. The quest: a solution to the damaged skin of cancer patients scarred by radiation therapy.

Fifteen years after the project began, Dr. Asafov and his team found a solution. And they found it in, of all places, the Acipenseridae (Sturgeon).

What Dr. Asafov discovered was that a stable form of DNA-RNA Complex® extracted from the sturgeon's cell nuclei has an incredibly powerful and compatible, yet gentle and soothing healing effect on human skin cells.

When the complex was applied on lesions of cancer patients suffering from radiation-damaged skin, the results were astonishing. Healing was almost immediate and within 6 days, new healthy skin had regenerated. The benefits of using the complex as an active ingredient in skin care was obvious.

Fast forward to the new millennium and Dr. Asafov has successfully incorporated DNA-RNA Complex® into INIZIO Skin Care, a truly revolutionary range of skin care products.
Inizio means “beginning, start” and it is in a literal sense the beginning of a dramatically new collection of cosmetics with unknown heretofore inter-cellular mechanism of action.

Production of INIZIO Skin Care is created within the framework of the Singapore nation-wide “Life Science” program on the basis of patent license issued by LIR Laboratory of Innovative Research, Switzerland. The innovation is covered by the number of international patents in EU, USA, ASIA Pacific and Russian Federation.

DNA-RNA Complex is a substance containing “living” DNA extracted from the cells’ nucleic and having a unique property to “switch on” the global mechanism of your skin’s natural immunity if it is weak or depressed in view of the age or under the influence of environmental adverse factors. DNA-RNA Complex simultaneously speed up exchange restoration processes in skin cells and also the process of renewal of faded skin up to the level of 20-25 years young human.

It can be easily observed. If you use INIZIO products for the first time or after a long break usually even on the second – third day you can feel appreciable effect of rejuvenation of your skin. Dr. Asafov named this effect like “gentle peeling” which appears as an active tearing away of the upper layers of epidermis by the new runaway internal cells. By massaging your skin by the tips of the fingers with a small quantity of the Gentle Cleanser or Serum prior applied on the skin, you’ll soon feel the tore away dead skin cells as the particles easily extracting with the cotton pad. After this procedure your skin looks significantly more fresh and young. You’ll no longer need the painful and dangerous procedure of chemical peeling which is made only in professional beauty shops. The regular usage of the right INIZIO formulas in further guarantees to you the preservation of the achieved effect of skin rejuvenation in future.

The “smart” DNA-RNA Complex has one more amazing property – the more your skin needs it - the more powerful is its restorative influence, regardless of the fact if your skin needs rejuvenation or correction of the problem areas. Sometimes you may feel a little tingle in some specific area after the application of the product, don’t worry: DNA-RNA Complex began its work in a problem area you never knew. In the meantime, any of INIZIO creams or serums almost immediately cease or easy the pain and consequences of sun-burns, any micro-injuries of your skin in the form of burn, bite of insect, after the processing of around-ungula zone of your fingers and toes etc.

The INIZIO Skin Care is absolutely hypoallergenic for any types of the healthy skin. This fact supported by clinical tests for most sensitive west and east nationalities skin.

The cosmetic formulas with DNA-RNA Complex passed repeated clinical tests in Russian and German cosmetological centers. Rejuvenation effect which lies in increase of skin moisture, elasticity and reduction of the wrinkles’ depth, exceeds the effectiveness of the European analogs up to 80% .

You’ve touched the world of the modern innovative technologies, you only have to choose the most pleasant by your opinion INIZIO products and use them for every problem bothering you.
INIZIO will make the rest for you.

*Clinical research done by the Schrader lnstitute, Germany.